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Types of Vendors

  • Ag Producer
  • Value-Added Vendor
  • Craft/Artisan Vendor
  • Prepared Food Vendor

Vendor Ratios

Sunday Market is a producer only farmers’ market in which all goods sold are made by the seller. Per Texas Administrative Code, our market is made up of a majority of farmers and food vendors, however we do accept a very limited number of craft vendors as well. At our market, we strive to maintain at least 75% food vendors, thus giving priority to agricultural producers, value-added food vendors, and prepared food vendors. We also strive to keep competition low by not over-saturating our market with repetitive products across vendors. Instead, we look for vendors with unique, focused offerings so we can showcase them for their specific area of expertise.


All vendors are required to pay an annual membership fee of $50 to sell at the market. The annual fee covers your membership from January 1st to December 31st and will need to be renewed at the start of each new calendar year upon reapplication. Members joining after July 1st, will pay a partial annual fee of $25 that is good through the end of that calendar year.

Booth Fees

Booth fees are $15/booth. Vendors may request and pay for two side-by-side booths if needed. Please submit notification to the market manager to ensure the space is available. Each booth is 10×10 feet. If you are aggregating products, all vendors must be members, but only one booth fee will be charged. Booth fees are due prior to arrival for market set up.


Interested in joining our rotating schedule of musicians for hire? Fill out the inquiry form below to join our line-up.


Interested in becoming a market volunteer? We have a variety of volunteer opportunities for you to choose from that include greeting shoppers at market, working our information booth to answer basic customer questions about market or selling market merchandise, helping vendors set up or tear down, general clean up, and helping to put up market signs on Saturday mornings or take down market signs on Sunday afternoons. Please complete the form below to be contacted.

Pop-Up Craft Vendor

During the holiday season, November -December, and during our special Artisan Market that is hosted in May each year as a fundraising event, we accept temporary craft vendors! If you are interested, please complete the application below. You must have a valid sales tax ID.